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Gallery Folders

So Long Old Chum by KileyBeecher
Batman: Arkham City by PatrickBrown

Mature Content

What is a friend? by 0theghost0
05/10/17 by Dnabat
I Don't Submit To The RIGHT Folders
Batman outfit by DemonLeon3D
Batwoman (Bryce Wayne) by MetroXLR
Gaslight Ivy Bellydancer by FFlyepryle
Batman of Zur-En-Arrh PNG by gasa979
Crazy Cosplayers
Nightwing cosplay - Deep Dive by Tenraii
Nightwing - cosplay vs character (1) by Tenraii
The Riddler by Tam-Pire
Tim Drake cosplay - The Detective by Tenraii
Insane Couples

Mature Content

Arkham batjokes by Triyune
The Joker and Harley Quinn model sheet by StevenEly
I love so much than i hate you by salome974
J VS H by salome974
Heroes V.S. Villains
Bane vs Batman (Azrael) by gasa979
Batman Beyond/ Earth Corpse by Kaneda-Gonbei
Commission - It Is To Laugh by Alexiel-VIII
The Joker
say cheese (progress) by karla-272
Arkham Asylum- Patient 9725 (colored) 2 by JPGuchiha
[C] Joker Poker by Mr-W23
Joker Death of the Family by Graymalkin2112
Gotham Girls
Harley Quinn: Smashing the Signal by ExMile

Mature Content

Hello Nurse by Little-Horrorz
Harley Quinn The goddess of Mischief by Little-Horrorz
Raw Sketch : Harley by ThomasBlakeArtist
The Riddler and Two-Face
Riddle Me This by FortuneMageX
Two-Face by FortuneMageX
The riddler by FortuneMageX
Two-Face (DCCU) by LoganWaynee
Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter
cillian murphy: peaky blinders by karla-272
Jonathan Crane by FortuneMageX
Arkham Anarchy - Mad Hatter by TessaLovesOzzy
Arkham Anarchy - Christmas! Mad Hatter by TessaLovesOzzy
Bane, Killer Croc, and Professor Pyg

Mature Content

Request for TheSparkInMySoul - Lady Croc and a Boy by Knot-Pool
Bane by Mro16
Bane by GleBik
Batman Rogue #12 Bane by D-Field22
Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and Anarky
Training Wheels by sydneypie
Killer Moth Firefly and Ventriloquist-Scarface
Batman Rogue #22 The Ventriloquist by D-Field22
Clayface, Mr. Zasz and Black Mask
Mr Zsasz (Paul Bettany) Transparent background by gasa979
Ras Al Ghul, Man-Bat, and Solomon Grundy
Batman Rogue #7 Man-Bat by D-Field22
Great White Shark, Hugo Strange and Music Meister
Arkham Anarchy - Music Meister's Scars Color by TessaLovesOzzy
Death Stroke, Hush, and Deadshot
Batman Rogue #30 Deadshot by D-Field22
Arkham Inmates
Black-Spider by Windows-Destructeur
Arkham's Heroes and Anti-Heroes
Batman Color by highlanderEA
Arkham Doctors and GCPD
James Gordon 20 minute sketch by Animixter
Arkham Asylum
Gotham City
Nightwing and Batman by JoelGomez
DC Crossovers and Vehicles
Azrael's Batmobile Tumbler by gasa979
Batman and Ladybug: Miraculous Knight by edCOM02
Batman OC's
Dr. Amy Erin Blackshire by The-Snake-Whisperer
Figures Props and More
Arkham series  by Nevillemadan007
Stamp and Animation
Harley | Joker by WoodiVillage
Wallpapers Posters Logos and Photo Manipulation
Red Hood and The Outlaws Poster by gasa979



Welcome to ARKHAM Asylum!

Arkham Asylum Logo 3D Animation by SyNDiKaTa-NP

:bulletred: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT FOLDERS.:bulletred:

:bulletred: If you do not put the picture in the RIGHT Folder, it will be moved into the "I Don't Submit To The RIGHT Folder":bulletred:

:bulletred: Each Folder has specific RULES. Please follow them! If you have any questions or have any Folder Suggestions, please ask me!

:police:ART THEFT will not be tolerated.:police:

Pictures you did not make (for example; a picture from a movie or show, screenshots, or someone else's art.) Will be removed from the folder and you will be banned from the group.

:batman: :bomb: Have A Wonderful time in the Asylum!:bomb::batman:
Hey guys! :')
I know I don't update this much or that I'm too active in the group but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

So if you want to submit somewhere in the group but you have no idea where it goes, or you don't really care where it goes, then submit your submissions here:…
I'll sort it out into the right folders whenever I get the time to ; v ;

Anyways, hope you have an awesome day :'D <3
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D-Field22 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there. I uploaded a pic of Ratcatcher and I hd no cue where to put him. If I my mke a suggestion. Perhaps there can be a seperate folder for other Batman villains that tend to be left in the shadows. Just a thought.
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HermesParis Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
Can I put on crossovers a picture of scarecrow with ermac and hancock?
heather2016 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Where Would Harley Quinn Pictures go?
(I Mean Drawings)
(1 Reply)
AlexaWayne Featured By Owner Edited Mar 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I didn't know where to add Robin, so I put the drawing in "I don't submit to the right folder."
MyDevinArt Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
 I'm a new member too this community I don't know a lot about devinart but it seems exciting.
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